Welcome to ATF creations! A new site, where (game) creators, artists, writers can make their own blog  and share their content without being afraid of takedowns.

These days, censoring has become more prevalent and mainstream mediums have resorted to taking down any mature content made by these hardworking developers. Whether it is ordinary hentai, lolicon or shotacon, we don’t discriminate and invite all to join us in this wonderful new community.

18 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Great place. I really wanna be part of the animation world and do my own creations. I just dunno where to start or which software, tools in general are recommended to get.

  2. Thanks so much. I’ve done a little experimenting with DAZ, but the stuff you showcase here seems much more dynamic.

    1. you have to sign up for patreon then click unidentified and buy a package 5,10,20 dollars a month and you will find what you are looking for +

  3. hello everyone, I’m looking for information with vaultgirls (the origins) episode 2 I saw the episode 1 and I would like to know when will go out episode 2 thanks to all taxidou!

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